If you’ve been following me for a while now you may have noticed that I’ve been categorising all pregnancy pictures with the hashtag babypukadiaries. One of the most asked questions during my pregnancy is definitely: why baby puka, and what does it mean? Here’s a little story of how we came up with the nickname.

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As far as I can remember, weekends and holidays were always filled with beach days. Collecting sea shells on the beach is something that sticked with me until this day.

With our frequent trips to the beach with Dushi SUP, both East- and West side, I would always make a little stroll down the beach before the class and find a Puka shell. A Puka shell is a rare seashell, originally from Hawaii and rare for the Caribbean.


After months of finding these little gems it became a special part of my day teaching on the ocean. On a special Sunday in November, just before class, I was sitting on our coolbox and reached down to my feet and happend to find not one but two puka shells next to each other. This was also the morning that I found out that I was pregnant.

Very soon after processing what was going on inside my body and realising that what we’ve created inside my belly is something so magical, we decided to give the new growing life a nickname: Baby Puka.

Roald Dahl has a saying: “Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.” and that is something I truly believe in. There are signs everywhere… it’s up to you to see the magic in these moments.