Not your ordinary yoga studio

“This is not your ordinary yoga studio. There are no walls, no mirrors, no music.
Just the big blue ocean with endless possibilities.”

- Liberty Suares


It’s been 2 years since we started with Dushi SUP. I remember the evening brainstorm session at the kitchen bar table with Donny, my parents and the Limpi peeps. What started as a tiny idea turned into a successful business where tourists and locals get to enjoy this floating studio on Curaçao.

As I moved back to the island from Europe, it was always my intention to give back to the island. Putting Curaçao on the map as a yoga destination is something that I knew won’t happen overnight, but that did not stop me. Every class I gave on the ocean has been magical and unique. We’ve inspired so many people to try out yoga and so many have taken these beautiful memories and this magical practice back to their homes.

Teaching on the water and giving back to the island has given me so much in return, and for that I am forever grateful!

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