Number Ten


When we moved back to the island three years ago we always had the dream to bring something new to the island. Our time in Europe was filled with coffee dates and always on the hunt for new hot spots.

Donny’s love and interest in coffee started some time before we moved back to Curaçao and before we knew it I got hooked too. Even though my days back then were filled with yoga classes, building a yoga community and creating a brand, we always kept our dreams alive and were open to new opportunities.

Just when I thought I had everything figured out and had my hands full with yoga and SUP Yoga, a new opportunity came up. I always said; this opportunity came about 5 years too early, but if not now - then when?


Donny asked me various times how are we going to do this? How am I going to balance all that I do and then also run a coffee shop? My answer: we’ll see how it goes… if we don’t try, we’ll never know.

From one day to the other we hopped on the train and haven’t jumped off since. November 1st 2017, Number Ten opened their doors. I remember it being on a Wednesday and that we were already serving cappuccinos since a few days before. We were all amazed by the power of social media and couldn’t believe that without any paid advertisement people started to find us.

We started cozy and small just coffee and pastries. Donny making coffee, me baking homemade goods and serving (after teaching yoga that is…), Demis doing the dishes, and my mom helping us out with all the extra’s. Well, that changed quickly. Before we knew it, we expanded our team, added more seats and we’re serving breakfast and lunch.

Recipes and menu items came easy. I grew up helping my mom in the kitchen and have always helped out with serving and entertaining. Our Sundays always started with a homemade brunch, and that is something we are now sharing with the rest of the island.


After almost two beautiful years it’s crazy to see how far we’ve come. Number Ten is a family business what started purely out of passion. We’ve not only grown over the years, but the clients on the island have shaped and formed us to where we are today. There were weeks that consisted of so little sleep, lots of sweat and tears, but we never gave up. The beautiful thing is that all the extra effort and energy that gets put in, we receive a good 200% in return. Since day one we gave it our all and that consistency is what I will always fight for.


Fun facts:

  • The name Number Ten comes from the address Sta.Rosaweg 10.

  • My brother always wanted to work in a restaurant kitchen, so after a few weeks of being open I convinced him to move back from Canada to help us out. Oepsie!

  • We started with 5 tables and have now 5 different seating areas with plenty op seats.

  • My mom was going to hand the responsibility over to my brother for back of house, but hasn’t left! She is our helping hand and can jump in anywhere.