that pink cloud


The first trimester of my pregnancy passed by before I could even give it all a place. It took some time for me to process and to realise that there is really a baby growing inside of me. It it wasn’t for the growing belly and baby scans I wouldn’t even believe it. I didn’t feel anything different or experience any of the common pregnancy symptoms.


My busy life continued and day by day we started to talk more and more about baby Puka. To make it a bit more real we decided to make an appointment at Baby View to find out the gender of the baby.


It took me a couple days for it to sink in. All of a sudden everything started to get real. We’re really having a baby, a baby girl, our own little princess.

A new generation in my family. My mothers first grandchild and the first female cousin in Donny’s family. Donny always had a feeling he would be the one in his family with the daughters… well, I guess it’s becoming a reality.

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Before we knew it the pink cloud came along and we hopped on it. We are both beyond excited to bring a little girl into the world and can’t wait to meet her.

As a woman, strong and independent as I have become, I want to thank my mom for being a beautiful inspiration and wish to do the same for my daughter.

“I asked god for a best friend, he send me my daughter.”